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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Price of War

Approaching the 10-year mark on the war in Iraq we find some harsh words, and discoveries, from those that lived it.

As Congressman woman Barbara Lee said this morning on C-SPAN about the war on Iraq (which she opposed), "We bombed the heck out of them".

Lee and others now want to begin the healing process of the war-torn nation just as the people and families whose lives have been destroyed by it.

The people of Iraq also want to hold the US military accountable for their actions and the destruction of their land, families and nation.

Watch this revealing video below as an Iraqi woman talks about the aftermath of the war and havoc it wrecked.

The video also contains an interview with a former US soldier, stationed in Iraq, as she shares what her life was like living on the 'enemy' lines.

Result of the Iraq war: Birth defects of children.

Watch this video as victims of the Iraq war share light on the growing epidemic of babies being born with birth defects as a result of uraninum deposits left on Iraqi soil.

War. What is good for? Let Edwin Starr tell you.


Iraq war veteran writes letter, blames George Bush, Dick Cheney.

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