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Friday, October 18, 2013

With the Government Re-open, Will There Be Another Shutdown?

After nearly a month of being completely shut down, the Federal government is back to work thanks to a bipartisan agreement between the House and Senate.

Furloughed workers will receive back pay for lost wages, food and water inspections have continued, and social services have resumed.

Faces of some of the players of  Washington's government crisis.
The two parties have dodged a government default by again raising the debt ceiling limit which will allow the government to operate and pay its bills, for at least another three-four months.  

A government default would have been the first in US history.  The government closure of parks and essential services seemingly for no good reason than yet another dog and pony show at the expense of America's workers is over for now - but will it last.

 "There's no guarantees of anything", said Vice President Joe Biden today at the offices of the EPA where he welcomed workers back to work.

"But I think what you saw last night is Democrats and a significant number of responsible Republicans saying 'enough'. There was no economic rationale for any of this. Budgets are supposed to be fought over economic issues. There was no economic rationale for this at all. And I hope, I hope everybody walks away with a lesson that this is unnecessary and I hope we can regain the trust of the American people."

In contrast, when President Obama was asked the same line of questioning, his reply was starkly different. 

[What they all agree on.  Watch WaPo vid below].

With his intentions now returning to immigration reform and strengthening the economy, the president answered, "No."

And he may be correct.

As House Speaker John Boehner and his team tried vehemently to block any measure to bring an end to the lunacy in Washington over the issues of the last month, he was met again with resistance --- from his own party.

Writes Time, "House Republican leaders canceled a planned Tuesday-night vote on a Boehner-backed proposal to resolve the debt and budget crises hanging over the U.S., but the dramatic news was met with shrugs and snorts. Facing a critical test, having brought the nation to the brink of default, the nation’s top Republican failed to rustle up the votes once again — and the humiliation took nobody by surprise."

With just one month away from his birthday (which falls on the same date as the thwarted near government default debacle) the 'evil political scientist' crawls back into his cave of Republic repute, until the next manufactured crisis that too, could quite possibly be avoided if his party wasn't so hell bent on American progress.

And with that, the U.S. government, looked at as 'fragile' by billions world wide, is now open for business - at least for now.

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