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Friday, October 25, 2013

In The Case of Voter ID Laws, What You've Already Suspected Comes To Light

It would seem that (unfair) voter ID laws would be the next big thing President Obama tackles after the Affordable Care Act, instead of illegal immigration.

What's going on in North Carolina (and most likely other states around the country) compromises American citizens' natural right to vote.

Reports have surfaced that voting practices are being put into place to discourage certain voter populations from voting. For example, the right to vote on Sundays is being challenged in some states.  Having students register to vote in the state where they attend college is another tactic, as is requesting an ID or a voter's birth certificate. 

We know that young people came out in droves during the 2008 election. Making students register to vote where they attend college may discourage some young voters.

Many people vote on Sundays after church, the only day they have free to do so due to working during the week.  Closing polling places on Sunday may also discourage voters from voting.

Many say these practices is yet another attempt by Republicans to try to foil a Democratic victory in 2016. 

While there has been speculation, no one has been revealed the practices, until now.

Enter Buncombe County Republican precinct chair Don Yelton.  His state, North Carolina, is one of 'those' states that implement such tactics.  

In an interview with a reporter from The Daily Show, Yelton revealed his party's secret.

Writes a columnist for on Yelton's revelation,

"In a stunning acknowledgement of the law's true intention, the GOP leader admitted its main purpose was not to prevent alleged voter fraud, but "to kick Democrats in the butt."

On his Facebook page Yelton claims he" always tells the truth".

His 'truth' has caused him to resign from his post, but not before making even more claims.

Read what else he said here.

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