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Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Reason Why the AZ Immigration Law Is Just Plain Racist!

How would like it if your name, social security number, place of employment, date of birth, names of your children, spouse, and the due date of your pregnancy were compiled into a list and posted online for all to see?

This is what hundreds of Latinos are experiencing right now.

Such a list was sent to law enforcement officials, state lawmakers and the media, urging that those on the list be immediately deported.

Where was the list to deport Russian spies, skinheads, TeaParty members, and people who sell assault weapons to felons?  Shouldn't those people be deported?   Aren't they the real U.S. terrorists?

Give me a break!

Take a look (and a listen) to the Democracy Now video below to learn more.

Obama Administration Files Suit Against AZ Law

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