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Friday, July 16, 2010

I See Battery Manufacturing In Your Future

Made In America.  For Americans.

President Obama was in Holland, Maine this week to point out, yet again, how the Recovery Act is lending jobs to the depressed, and oppressed U.S. economy.  (See video).

Our president must be able to see into the future, as he believes creating battery manufacturing plants will create hundreds of jobs (at least in Michigan where he spoke at the Compact Power, Inc.) and put the economy back to work.

"Because of a grant to this company, a grant that’s leveraging more than 150 million private dollars, as many as 300 people will be put to work doing construction and another 300 will eventually be hired to operate this plant when it’s fully up and running. And this is going to lead to growth at local businesses like parts suppliers and restaurants. It will be a boost to the economy of the entire region", said the president.

Tuesday, Vice President Biden spoke on the economic impact of the '09 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act where he said, "Barack and I have no illusions."

"We went from losing three million jobs in the last six months of the Bush Administration and 3.7 million jobs in the first six months we took office, inheriting a policy we could not possibly turn around before we could pass anything, to the first six months of this year actually adding almost 600,000 private sector jobs."

Biden said that despite resistence from the other side (Republicans), "we're moving in the right direction."

"They've done everything in their power to keep this from happening", said Biden.

"I know what they're against, I just don't know what they're for."

Already, as Congress passed Wall Street Reform Bill,a Republican leader in the House has called for repeal of this reform.

"I would suggest that America can’t afford to go backward and I think that’s how most Americans feel as well”, said President Obama.

Details of the Impact of the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009 and its creation of U.S. jobs can be found here.

President Praises Congress For Bill's Passing

Biden Photo/CD Brown.

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