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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keeping Up With First Lady Michelle Obama

Let me just say that we continue to be in awe of our First Lady, Michelle Obama who, I might add is not letting any grass (White House garden or other) grow under her feet.  She continues to stay busy and we love what she is doing with young people.

The First Lady was scheduled to have another Youth Series at the White House yesterday where she planned to host young people to engage in a youth fitness tennis clinic with the 2010 Wimbledon Champion, Serena Williams.   As you know, Williams cut her foot and was unable to attend.  Then, it rained yesterday and the entire event was postponed (we're disappointed), only to be rescheduled at a later date.

But, First Lady Michelle doesn't let rain (or anything else) stop her as her week has already been full of activity with events that included a visit to Panama to take on BP's oil spill ( looking great doing so), speaking at the NAACP's 101st Anniversary, hosting a live chat announcing the relaunch of her Let's Move! website (Did I mention complete with live chat?), or talking with students at George Washington University about preventive healthcare coverage.

Our First Lady is doing it all, and in a big way. 

We just want to say keep up the great work, and we salute you!

POP Keeps Up With Our First Lady

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