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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fenty Wants You To Know...

The campaign to reelect Fenty wants to show what he's done these last 4 years for the city of D.C.

Read his latest campaign newsletter where he praises the opening of the "modernized Stoddert Elementary" school, and boasts  "gone are the days of schools not opening on time".
Adrian M. Fenty with school chancellor Michelle Rhee. Rhee is to be wed on September 4th. (Does she have the right one? )
Writes Fenty...
This has been an incredible week for DC students. Gone are the days when schools failed to open on time, textbooks weren't delivered, and bathrooms didn't work. Instead, we opened the modernized Stoddert Elementary, we've launched a new Safe Routes to School initiative, and today, we'll unveil the brand new Eastern Senior High School. We've replaced delay, inefficiency, and a school system that was failing our kids with new schools, better programs, and dramatic increases in student achievement. We won't stop until every child has a chance to succeed.
And what could be a greater affirmation than yesterday's announcement that the District will receive $75 million in Race to the Top Funds. Four years ago, no one would have guessed that DC could out-compete jurisdictions across the country for federal funding that rewards successful public education reform. That's how far we've come towards making sure every child can excel.

Washington, DC is finally showing the nation that we care about our future. Get involved today to help us make sure all District children have the opportunities they deserve.

Wow.  At election year, everyone cares about the schools.  Where were the politicians when the schools weren't opening on time, or were short of text books, supplies, and bathroom tissue? If you look at the finalists in the Race To The Top campaign, you'll see that D.C. ranks at the bottom for both Math and Reading - during Fenty's tenure as mayor.

And he's been mayor how long?  Since 2006. 
Yes, it really is about the kids, stupid - as one DC columnist puts it (and parents and teachers have known forever).

Why are you just acting like it now?

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