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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

White House Fights Back

Issues Facts In Response To Republican's Claims

Tired of attacks from the Republicans, the Obama administration issued a series of 'Fact Checks' in response to claims from John Boehner (R-OH) that the administration's policies have failed and have taken the country nowhere.

In a statement issued today, the White House said, "Today John Boehner proved once again that his party would only take the country back to the failed policies of the past – policies that cost more than 8 million American jobs – and launched a series of false attacks on the measures that the President is pushing to create jobs, invest in our small businesses and cut taxes for businesses and middle class families."

The administration claims that Boehner belittles the jobs and livelihoods of firefighters, cops and teachers. "First, Congressman Boehner attacks the jobs bill the President signed last month that saved hundreds of thousands of jobs of hardworking teachers, cops and firefighters, dismissing these hardworking Americans who teach our kids keep our communities safe as "a  26 billion dollar ‘stimulus’ spending bill that funnels money to state governments in order to protect government jobs.”

The White House fired back saying that, in fact, "The recently enacted legislation will save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of teachers, firefighters and police officers."
The claims and fact responses go back and forth in a firestorm of  'he said', 'we say' mannerism on issues like tax loopholes, tax hikes, and deficits.

You know what's really a fact?

The American people can't wait for the two parties to figure it out. 

Stop the bickering.  While you go home to your luxury residences at the end of each day, (to a home cooked meal) remember that the American people are hurting for jobs, housing, and a sense that their government is on their side. 

I saw a woman holding a sign today at a traffic intersection that said, 'Mom of three needs money for food and rent.'

While the two parties engage in bi-partisan politics, a mother in our area struggles.  This should never happen anywhere, yet alone in America.

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