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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shirley Sherrod NOT Coming Back To US Agricultural Department

Wants To Sort Over Past Month's Events

Shirley Sherrod, not returning to US Department of Agriculture.

In a session earlier today, ousted and disgraced USDA employee, Shirley Sherrod stated that though the offer from USDA's Secretary Tom Vilsack to return was tempting, she needs a little time to "sort things out", and "take a break" from all she's had to deal with.

As such, she's not coming back (at this time) to work at the USDA.

"I think I can be helpful to him and the department if I just take a little break and look at how I can be more helpful in the future," Sherrod said.

Sherrod was ousted from her position at the USDA amid out-of-context remarks that surfaced on the Internet earlier this month.

Not ruling out the possibility of staying connected with the USDA, Sherrod said, "I look forward to some type of relationship with the department in the future," she said. "We do need to work on the issues of discrimination and race in this country."

Vilsack claimed he worked hard at attempting to woo Sherrod back to her former organization, but stated also that it was he who was responsible for getting her fired in the first place.

"I disappointed the president, I disappointed this administration, I disappointed the country, I disappointed Shirley. I have to live with that," Vilsack said.

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