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Thursday, August 5, 2010

President Remarks On Kagan Senate Confirmation


In a vote of 63-37, Elena Kagan becomes the newest Supreme Court Justice. 

"Today's vote wasn't just an affirmation of Elena's intellect andaccomplishments. It was also an affirmation of her character and temperament", said the president while speaking at a DNC fundraiser in Chicago this evening.

"She understands that the law isn't just an abstractionor intellectual exercise....behind the law there are stories. Stories of people's lives as shaped by the law."

The president said he was proud of the history making moment and that he relished it as a father who wants unlimited possibilities for his two daughters Sasha and Malia.

During today's vote, fifty-six Democrats, two independents, and five Republicans voted for Kagan's nomination. The sole Democrat, Sen. Ben Nelson (NE), sided with the thirty-six Republicans who voted 'no' for Kagan.

Those in opposition believe Kagan doesn't have enough experience as a judge to be worthy of such a high ranking position, arguing Kagan had never been a judge and never argued before a jury.

Despite the naysayers, Kagan is now the fourth female justice behind Justice Ruth Ginsberg (appointed by President Clinton in 1993),  Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (appointed by President Reagan in 1981 and retired in January, 2006), and Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

 Justice Kagan endured 17 hours of Senate testimony during which she answered more than 540 questions.

"I'd say they got a pretty good look at Elena Kagan", said President Obama.

He is expected to host a reception in her honor on Friday at the White House.

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